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Prevent Falls and Injuries with the App

The biggest fear in any ALF is falls and injuries, especially when residents are alone in their rooms and trying to wake up from bed without help or other scenarios. And our App’s first module helps ALF with these kinds of scenarios.

How it works:  The most significant concern in an assisted living facility (ALF) is falls and injuries, especially when residents are alone and trying to get up from bed without assistance.

The App’s first module addresses this critical issue by utilizing an IoT motion sensor that triggers specific movements and alerts to on-duty staff. Additionally, video footage from the room is automatically transmitted to the central office, providing real-time information for informed decision-making and preventing potential injuries.

Invest in the safety of your residents with this innovative solution.

Concern for Managers and Families

Another concern for the managers and families is if the resident is being taken care of on time. The App can help by providing a simple and efficient solution for monitoring resident care.

How can the App help here?
Using tags, residents can have their activities recorded in real time. Staff can scan the tag and, within 3 seconds, submit a record of their actions, such as providing food or medicine.

These records can then be reviewed by the managers, who can thoroughly understand the care being provided to the residents.

The families can also have peace of mind knowing they can access this information on a secure device, giving them added confidence in the care their loved ones are receiving.

Communication Pain for Families and Residents

The pain for families and residents is the lack of communication, especially the inability to connect easily with their loved ones and see each other. This can lead to feelings of isolation and loneliness, especially for those who live in assisted living facilities (ALFs).

How can the App help here?
The App helps to address this communication pain by providing a powerful and easy-to-use tool for families and residents to connect with each other.

With the App’s video call feature, families can connect with their loved ones anytime without needing any action from the resident.

This gives the power of communication to the fingertips of family members, making it easier to stay in touch and feel connected, even from a distance.

Communication and Delivering Important Messages

Effective communication and the delivery of important messages, such as doctor’s prescriptions changes or other relevant information, is crucial in providing the best care for residents.

How can the App help here
The App helps to address this need by providing a secure and safe platform for two-way communication.

This communication module integrates manager, staff, and family communications, ensuring that important information is not lost and that contact is made safely and securely.

Additionally, the system complies with HIPAA regulations, providing peace of mind for families and healthcare providers.

family communications

The App Connects to Health Devices Remotely in Real-Time

The App seamlessly integrates with Blood Pressure monitoring, Pulse rate monitor, Thermometer, and Blood oxygen Saturation devices, allowing seamless remote monitoring and data management. Say goodbye to physical papers and manual data recording and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your data is secure in Amazon servers that comply with HIPAA regulations.

At our company, we have a vision for the future of our app.
We aim to integrate artificial intelligence to enhance the app's functionality by a factor of 1000.
Our goal is to provide a seamless user experience and make our app more efficient and user-friendly.
As an early adopter of our solution, we offer a unique opportunity to be part of this vision. You will have access to every future feature without incurring any additional costs.
This is a limited-time offer, and we highly encourage you to take advantage of it.
We are confident that integrating AI into our app will positively impact your business and enhance your overall experience.
Our team is dedicated to making this vision a reality, and with your support, we can make a significant impact in the technology industry.
We invite you to join us on this journey as we strive to bring our dream to life and make a difference in the world of technology.


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